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Hi, please send me more info about your club

Jake LeClair
She's hard to get started She's always so cold In the mornings I find her - She's looking so old There's so many miles I've been down that road once or twice She's not much to look at When we ride thru town But I know when the chips fall She won't let me down She knows how to run And she don't run around on her man She's a high flyin' lady She takes me where I want to be There's no other woman Standing between her and me I'll always be faithful And keep her 'til the end of time God knows I'll always love That old Panhead of mine I've seen fancy dressers And they've caught my eye I rode'em to ride'em Then I told them goodbye I flirted with Low Riders Sportsters and Shovelheads too I cussed her and beat her And kicked her to just get her started A couple of times God knows I'll always love That old Panhead of mine.

MJB was here

Just wanna give a shout out to devlin,Denny,skip and inky

Patti Shinn Williams
Hi Bo -- Just a little note to let you know I stopped by.

Julina Nyquist
Hey Neil! Hi Turtle! And Hi all those whom I don't know your name but toy know me "Doug and Jill 's daughter"!! Miss you guys in fact I was just talking about last night how do you use to let Keilidh jump up and give you big hugs every time we come and have steaks and how you would have other people put her on the motorcycle and watch her so she didn't fall and she had a great old time... now there before to do that with can't wait to see you guys on my next visit. Really big hugs and a squeeze Neil, live ya lots! Julina

See ya all at the Donny Smith Show. Remember: Two in the Pink and One in the Stink MJB

remember my older brother little timmy, drink one fro me bro

Mike and Jessica Henderson
Hello, my husband met a man from BPMMC a few years ago and now That we live in Waseca MN we decided to check your club out. You sound like a nice club that Enjoys riding and the fellowship Of other riders. Hats off to you BPM or shall I say helmets. Hope you all enjoy the upcoming riding season and ride safe! Mike & Jess

2/P + 1/S Here MJB

George Moore
What a great web! I do really like your site design.

Joe fernjack
Just stopped by to show my support

Chips ~ BPM mc
see you guys in South Dakota in Aug. ~ great web site

Love two all my brothers

B◇P◇M◇ Matt
Well all my brothers I get to go home today from hospital. no weight on my right foot for 10 weeks. Riding for me looks grim..

Tim Knudson
My cousin was a member with your club until he died. We buried him in his gas tank. Just want to say hi and is it possible to visit your club.

Rod RUSTY Meyers
Wishing all a good summer riding.If the forging rain ever stops. R.

Stopping by to say hi to the Iron Range Chapter past: Magoo, Kidd, Orangey, Chuck, Kipper, Pat, Mike, Shane.

Looks my brother tim in that pic from 80

Much love guys. I remember my dad always hangin with u guys as a kid. Nd he still does. Was always known as hillbillys beautiful daughter hehe.wanted to stop by nd give much u guys!

it was 1968 summer I played drums In the band at the 400 club Minneapolis when I met corkey he was ridin with the hustlers m c he had a Norton or matchless .something like that / I got in to some shit outside the bar with some asshole ,,he got me good /// corkey came up and said/// that kid is too skinny for you /// try me .it was over in less than a second ///corkey said ,come back inside and buy me a beer ,,it was the start of barrels of beer and cigars //a great guy and friend as everyone knows he was,, and later in the years he actually saved my life at a gang fight with the grim reapers m c /// salty ////him and elwood friends of of those days ///

jeannie sterling
Happy memorial day.have a good weekend,and drive and be safe all.

B◇P◇M◇ Matt
Well it was a memorial weekend.. lol I finally was able to have a shower since my surgery. I am going to have my stiche's taken out tomorrow, watch out I'll be back active SOON!! LOVE YA ALL AND Expecially all you that have called or text to see how I am doing... thanks and see YA all soon. B◇P◇M◇ MATT

Want to post a couple pics in honor of my father, Leon "Stitch" , secretary for New Prague many years ago....

Have a safe riding season to all! L&R Hammer Hub City South Dakota

Bobby johnson
Love you guys, hoping to ride again someday.

Papa Jack?
Checkin things out. Ride Proud,Safe and Free!

Hey guys hope to see you all at the next party. little falls, mn

What a great time I had at Tommy's. To: Tom and his wife a Big Thank You. To: all the rest of the BPM'S and there wives or friends, Thank You. I had, and I am sure all others had a great time as well. This truly has become a Traditional Summer Event. 9 years and still going. What a Blast. Kinda; Takes me back, way back. Thank You! Thank You so Much. (West Side)

Old Al and I had a record time going back to Anoka, 78 to 81 MPH. Just before Becker we hit the fucking rain. On the other side of Becker the temperature dropped about 20 degree's, Our speed did as well. We pulled up to a stop light... I told Al, see ya later and headed South to Monticello. Followed the cloud break with the sun shining thru. No rain and warm 500 yards South of the Rail Road tracks. Al... wasn't so lucky. He got caught up in hail about 150 yards East of were I turned South. He called and let me know had gotten home and that he could hear the hail bouncing of his bike in Big Lake, MN. West Side PS Could hardly keep my bike on the road, hydro planning at 65, 60 and 55 MPH. Thanks to all had given me the road gremlin bell's.. they sure saved my ass this time. Thank You Froggy for watch over me. Miss You My Friend.

Hey! Shout out to the club and your members , for giving us the opportunity to cater your "Beaver Run" for the 2nd time around! It's always a good time! Also thanks for your support of business at "Sporty's". Everyone enjoys themselves along with the great food, laughs,! I had a great time being able to meet new people, look at all the nice bikes in the lot and serving you all with a smile! Hope you all also enjoy yourselves while you are there too! Hope to see you all next year!

Keep the rubber side up, much respect

Sam h
Shoutout for an impressive club

Old friend of Jay Sollie, Jack Ingall's South Minneapolis where Jay grew up!!! Hung out at he Music Box on Lake Street in Minneapolis. 1964-1966!!! Now ride a 2002 Custom FatBoy northern MN 66 years old now still truckin. Worked with old Outlaw Gray Cat Al Nelson 12 years in Fridley, MN Naval Factory. Hog member and lone wolf. Called me a Trumpet because I rode a Triumph Trophy 650cc all I could afford!!! Great site! Forever! Tommyboy

Harry Dyson
Just dropped by to see your website. Met some of the guys when they stopped to eat where I work. Ride safe

Jay Jr
Hey folks, my old man was a member back in the day. Not sure if any of the old timers remember Jay Johnson. Well, dad passed away last week. Just wanted to pass along the news in case anyone remembered him.

Taco John
Just found the site. Original member, got the new patch on my arm in '67. Back in the days of Deacon, Tuffy, Gary, Gino, and little Woody, Big Woody (Elmont). Might get back this Summer since I know you're around. Anybody remember the house off Franklin?

Just want to give a shout out to all. I grew up in Ramsey down the road from "Buck". He gave me my first job at the car lot and remained friends up until his death. Al taught me a lot about bikes and cars. As a kid, I used to drool over the old "Fucky Bucky" rake that was in a box since the 70's up until his son put it all back together. I think of the club all the time and think back to all them old Harley's and Members go by the house as I stood in aww with the chrome, choppers and loud pipes. I always knew when the club was coming from the sound of all the bikes Gettin hot on the throttles after the R/R tracks. Buck always was there for peeps when they needed a little boost or attitude adjustment. BPM's will always be a part of me even though never I was never a member but would love to be a part of the MC. Keep the rubber on the road! Few more months until a freeze ur nuts run! With all respect intended. T.J.

Mad Jack ICVMC
Great site and people

Jeff Morris
If you want to listen to the whole song called "The BPM's" without any charges log on to "The BPM's Jeff Morris", It was just uploaded to

Chris Price
I met two members in Eden Valley today purchased some raffle tickets and visited for awhile, thank you for your presents in the community.

Ardies daughter susie
Loren if your still out there thank you. My daughter's 33 now can't believe the years have gone by so fast. I haven't forgotten your and your wife's kindness. You are special people. Wish you could have made to my mother's funeral that was the last time I was in mpls. Take care.

Grew up in Baudette north country. have known about the BPM'S all my life. did a stint with 1%er club now retired. you are getting up the with Booze Fighter and GGMC in age. ever consider chartering in the western states?? cool old clubs with little territorial conflict are interesting to hardcore riders!!

Pat Kelley
Just learned that Gary Nord died in his home is Las Vegas last month. He was my vice president in the mid eighties in the Minneapolis chapter of BPM. He succeeded me as president until 1990 or so. He did an 11 year stint is Fed prison, then moved out to Las Vegas Nevada after selling his home. He was a good friend and I will really miss him. We had many many "adventures" together. I hope the younger guys will continue to honor his memory. I have a lot of Gary Nord stories for any that care to hear.

mark hanson
Used to roll with James Cross out of Hopkins when we worked at the Red Owl on Excelsior Blvd. Visited the club a few but never joined up. Anybody know what happened to James? Have him contact the gmail if not too much trouble. Many thanks!

Pablo Cruzr
I was saddened to hear of the passing of BPM Gary "Sheriff" Nord. I met Gary at Rainbow curve outside Sturgis, South Dakota in the mid 80s along with Pat Kelley and other BPMs. Gary and Pat along with a bunch of Los Valientes came down to our Toy Run in Santa Fe, New Mexico about 1987 where we partied for 3 or 4 days. Gary loved our magic mushrooms and was a blast to party with. I later rode with Los Valientes and Gary always made a point of hanging out with me whenever I was in Minnesota. He would always look me up when passing thru New Mexico. He was always fun to party with and his exploits still come up when ever we get together. RIP Sheriff

Jeff Morris
I am the lyricist of the rock song called "The BPM's". Three months ago, I uploaded it to As of today, I have generated nearly 3500 Views for this song on See "The BPM's Jeff Morris Official Video". I am very proud of the success that I am having with this song. Hopefully, a stellar artist will be willing to eventually accept it.

The Gov
what up Kev?

It's been 5 years since Kipper passed, still miss having him to bullshit with at the "shack".

Mike Lesmeister
Just came by to check it out, I met gooch tonight and i am curious about the club. I am currently living in Sauk Rapids with my girlfriend and our 2 kids. I'm from Cyrus MN where I was on the Fire dept for a few years and I miss the sense of brotherhood. Not quite sure where we are going in life, but I would like to feel like I am part of something again. Fuck Hillary. Take care boys.

Sleepy Palma
I grew up raising hell in New Prague. Not many I met hadnt at least heard of me good or who knows what people talk about to make there lives interesting. Me I made my own fun and had lots of it. As I sit with a smile remembering my youth. Never heard of the bmp club till I was15. sarg. Was the first name I remember all though I couldn't put a face to the name until not to long ago now. Then came smokie my wife told me he was a good man and nice. I must say she put it mildly in my eyes then roadkill in the same night. I'm not entirely certain on my etiquette around members of the club. Most don't really care to be around me or so it seems like in my gut. You know some people have come right out and told me to my face. I sure do respect these three and anyone else who is brave enough to stand up for more than just themselves. To become something greater than only one could do it takes a strong leader and loyalty to become great. This club has been closest thing I have to getting to know my dad although he has passed away quite a few years ago. 8 maybe. I see him when I look in the mirror and in my head. Hopefully I can be more than just set for life as he once told me. I guess I've outdone him in one way so far. I hoping to learn more about him through stories good or bad it doesn't matter to me. I never got the chance to know him well. What he did let me see of him I didn't care for much. I'm guessing it's probably why I don't really care for myselfmuch either way enough of my life. My family and thoughts are a big part of my life. Thanks for reading sorry for the book. I don't talk much but I have lots going on in my head. Just don't think the world is ready for me yet but I strive for excellence. Sometimes I even get a passing grade. And my dad was in the air force yeah sure. Maybe I can be smart like him just hope I don't lose a couple marbles like him. Maybe I will understand what brotherhood is about in the context of biker clubs. P.s. I got this thirst for knowledge of so many subjects. I can't stay focused on the task at hand. Can anyone relate I'm sure we've got lots in common. Should I give my dad a bikers funeral or serviceman style?

Before my time but I was reminded that 43 years ago today Joey Becker passed . RIP

Bald J
How is Rain Rider,Corkey"harvey wallbanger"?

Todd gerads
Looking to find out what I need to do to join

Mike Klopping
Would like some info on what BPMs. How to become a member.

Brian Lindgren
I was Born in Duluth,,I remember seeing men with BPM jackets sitting at my dinner table as a child. Live by the towers on the hillside, Wondering and interested, do any of you remember I'm in my thirties now. Looking to connect to reconnect will be some old school gentleman if they were to remember me. ✌️

Heather LaFlair
I am wondering if you keep a members list from 1969 thru 1972 with names of members during that time. My Mother was in a relationship with one of your members and always tried to find him and 3 of his bio brothers that were all members. I know the Last names are Childs. And she said he went by a nick name. Like Rat spider. The 4 brothers were all from Duluth MN. Anyway My mom has passed away now, and I know how much it would mean If I could actually locate them. I think they would want to know about her passing. Her name was Mary LaFlair. If you can help me I would be so very thankful. Thanks Heather

Paul Kaiser
I was very sad to find out the news of one of my best ole friends, Kipper ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leslie Roger "Kipper" Kippley, 62, of Palo died unexpectedly Sunday, July 17, 2011, at Essentia Health in Duluth. He was born Dec. 19, 1948, in Little Falls, Minn. to Clifford and Constance Beverly Kippley. Leslie was a 1966 graduate of Aurora-Hoyt Lakes High School and later continued his education at the Eveleth Vo-Tech. He worked in various capacities during his lifetime and retired from the Construction Labor Union. Kipper was a charter member of the BPM Motorcycle Club. Family, friends and his "club brothers" were important to him. Leslie especially enjoyed riding his motorcycle and trapping. He will be sadly missed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will miss him!

Ron Pehl
Was great to see a few of you at Hilltop. Great memories with you guys and girls.

mike maas
my uncle jimmy "the bus" loved the club. He sold his bike to me before he passed away and I ride it with pride for him RIP uncle ..Mikey

RIP BPM Brothers

Joel Gratuot
I am interested in joining your club. Lay down your rules. I am interested in joining your club. What is your rules,and invitation?

johnathan w boettcher
Shout out to Jim from the Anoka chapter!

Just wanted to stop and say hello. Miss everyone of you guys. Peace and respect.

Gary Bergman
Howdy! I had a great time around '74-'75 when I was an Ironworker working in the Range. Stayed with a few of you; hope you're all well.FTW

Keep it rubber side down. Looking forwarded to the upcoming meal.

I do realize that I didn't fill the last field (13-6 )--7, but that might not be what you wanted. My original question, and comment referred to the house off of Franklin in South Minneapolis. I simply would like to hear from anyone who remembers that place around the summer of '68ish. I lived across the street, and hung around, from time to time.

From Saint Paul MINNESOTA

I have some pics from old days from dirty dick.

Cory olson
Hey my uncle who I'm named after used to ride with u guys back in the day

Just stopping by to say MLLH&R Trapper did some ink for me Nemo made the drawing and slath approved it.

Question about the picture on the 70s Shovelhead Butch Was it Butch Kerssen from Coon Rapids

Enjoyed the pics. Lots of history there.

I also remember the BPMS of Duluth Mn from when I was a young girl. I am now 53 and it is nice to see your club hasn't died out. May have moved out of Duluth but still around. Kudos to you all!

Just saying hey....;-)

Johnny Rey
Just dropping a line! Stay cool!

Hey it's amy here saying hi. And to the memory of one the originals. Mark snake Davis. RIP. Loved and missed my buddy, "Jewish Santa" xoxo.

Good MN club! Would love to ride with y'all!

Nicole Anderson
My father was Donny Anderson, he was in the Duluth chapter and passed away in 2015. I found this page and figured I would reach out.

First met some BPMr's when I moved to the cities in 86. Saw some of the Black and Blue when I was out for a ride near St. Cloud recently. Salute!

Peter Cosgrove
Son of a member

I would like to chat about the BPM MC.

Blaise Schultz
You guys are absolutely amazing! Thank you for making me feel so welcomed at Smokey’s wedding! Amazing club!

I was looking at your photos and I was so excited to see some pictures of my "uncle" bear. He dated my aunt in the early 2000's until he passed away of heart attack.

Wild man
To my missing brothers Timmy,Toby and Earl the Pearl thinking of you guys Wildman

Want to say how much I will miss Nick Nack, a dear friend since the late 80's, he always took care of me. RIP Nack, I will miss you.

Thank you all for giving my grandpa “Fat Mike” from the Anoka chapter a proper send off. He will be missed by all of us!

Cesar proano
You guys always had a good structure in ur foundation. Brothers

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